About Us


Chris McGuire
Founder & Program Director

Chris proudly serves as co-founder and Program Director of Arbor Park Recovery. As a person in long-term recovery, Chris is motivated by his passion and dedication to help others achieve sobriety.  Chris’ professional experience in sober living began 9 years ago when he saw the need for individuals who left treatment needed a supportive living environment before they moved on to the next step in life. He has served as State Coordinator for a well-known nonprofit sober living community where he managed over 50 properties and opened 35 of those in the Dallas area.

Chris is a passionate advocate for the recovery community at large and has traveled extensively within Texas and across the United States speaking with coalitions and advocating the importance of sober living.  Chris has also coordinated the Stephen Cripe and Pete Wheeler Foundations which helps fund individuals into sober living facilities and he was recently voted in as the advocacy chair for the Dallas Texas Association of Addiction Professionals (TAAP).

Chris believes that through compassionate and comprehensive recovery-supportive services, everyone touched by addiction can heal and become happy, healthy, and productive members of society.


Program Team

Dr. Rick Pipkin, Ph.D., LPC
Primary Therapist/Consultant

Rick also currently serves as Chief Clinical Officer for The Haven, a detoxification stabilization facility located in Sherman, Texas. Rick has also worked as the Clinical Director at Merit Behavioral and Sundown Ranch, supervising admissions, completing utilization reviews, assisting with post-discharge planning, facilitating multi-disciplinary team meetings and networking with the recovery community. Rick also served as the Director of Utilization Review and Clinical Services at the Glen Oaks Psychiatric Hospital in Greenville, Texas.

Rick has also worked in various behavioral health settings with national unions and Cigna Healthcare and has a successful private practice located in Dallas, Texas. Rick was the Corporate Director of the FAA Drug and Alcohol Monitoring Program for American Airlines. Rick received his Masters Degree from Texas A & M University and received his Ph.D. from LaSalle University.

Rick has a passion for working with patients and their families in order to provide a healthy environment for patients to thrive in their recovery, as well as mentoring and supporting his clinical team. Rick has a wealth of knowledge and a world of experience which will complement and significantly enhance the recovery services provided by Arbor Park.